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Potentiometer use matters needing attention
Time:2007-5-6 9:12:10  Visits:7799
(Cautious uses chemicals)
  The potentiometer uses the multi-carbonic acid salts the synthetic resin to make, should avoid with following drugs contact.Ammonia water, other amines, salty water solution, aromatic hydrocarbon, ketones, fats and halogen race's hydrocarbon and so on.

(Cautious uses welding flux)
Should avoid using the water-soluble welding flux, otherwise will encourage the metal oxidation and the material is mildewy.

(Good use way)
The voltage regulation type structure should be possible to result in the desired effect (chart A), if the potentiometer uses in the electric current adjustment type then the shortcoming quite a lot (chart B) should avoid using.
(Chart A) the voltage adjusts the reshaping

(Vertex segment)
In circuit design, if permission cocurrent through time potentiometer slippery walking beam, because causes the resistance straight exceptionally increase, easy to appear the anodic oxidation effect, avoids the method is slides the walking beam to meet in the positive electrode resistor, another end separates in the cathode. 


(Adds tin law)
Avoids the wiring with adds when the tin causing the soldering tin class to put on the line board, otherwise easy to make the contact not to be good, in is unable in the situation which avoids the soldering tin class putting on, please contact with this company.按此在新窗口浏览图片

(Anti-sulfur protector)
In order to avoid the resistance the curing, in its electrode area besides the silver-plating, must print a carbon membrane to make the protection, when if the external coat periplast creates the resistance oversized puzzle please with this company do contact.
(Avoids condensation)
The potentiometer surface should avoid the condensation or have the water-drop existence, avoids insulating the deterioration or creates the short circuit.

(On support installs)
When installs the potentiometer, should conform to the cap nut applied torsion which the next table stipulated and install the position to avoid the cap nut break or the rotation is not good.

Thread service pattern tight torsion 
M6, M7 is biggest 0.7 tons - rice (7kgf-cm) 
M9 (9mm size) (12mm size, two axle) biggest 0.7 ton - rice (7kgf-cm)
M8, M9 3/8, M10 is biggest 0.9 tons - rice (9kgf-cm)

(Earth static avoids)
Because only continually -like the potentiometer structure Jan Gaoke effectively prevents the static, but the multi-companies -like, the axis (reciprocation) moves the type and the automobile sound not easy to prevent with the potentiometer, to increases the electric circuit high selection, please contact with this company.

Thrusts to the packing either the warehousing when the switch or thrusts temporarily the switch, otherwise should avoid the middle axle bearing easily causing the switch expiration.

(Exiles to a far away place according to electricity chooses power switch)
Greatly do not bear will flow the switch to use in the low current circuit general 5A switch being able to use in the 1mA electric circuit not necessarily being best the actual quantity to leave or to figure out the inflow electric current if the actual electric current oversized possible to melt the switch or to cause other questions.

Precise conductive plastics position transmitter installment and operating instructions

  First, outline:
  The conductive plastics position transmitter is one kind take the voltage output and the rotation of axis angle or the straight line displacement as the linear relations non-wire potentiometer, its characteristic is the high accuracy, the high life, the high smoothness, the high resolution.May serve as the position feedback, the position examination, the leveling adjustment and so on.
The sensor structure mainly is by the resistor, the axis, the electronics brush, the shell, the lid and so on is composed.
The rotary system sensor has Shan Lian, the twin two kinds, they install the form to be same, divide into the nut fixedly (for example WDD32), screw retention (for example WDD35D), the electrical signal draws out uses wiring cylindrical -like generally.
The straight skid type sensor installs the form to use the screw retention generally, the electrical signal draws out has three forms: Terminal rod type (for example: WDM14 series), plug type (for example CFY electron ruler series) and wire type (for example CWY series).

  Second, wiring method and principle:
  Schematic diagram:

  Three wiring columns or red, yellow, the blue three line correspondence product label marks 1, 2, 3 indicated separately that,1 is the input end; 2 is the out-port; 3 is the earth.(Please note: When the leading-out terminal 2 meets the wrong line can burn out the sensor) the axis from 1 end to 3 end angle revolving or the straight line displacement the resistance number to change, by 2 ends according to the linear rule high accuracy output, simultaneously transforms through the transfer network the resistance number change into the signal demonstration.

  Third, the use voltage explained that,
  The sensor use DC voltage, adds in 1, 3 ends (two fixed terminals) rated voltage.

  Computational method
  U - rated voltage (V)
  P - rated power (W)
  R - nominal resistance number (OMEGA)

  Fourth, installment:
  1st, installs the lug boss localization by the sensor, with the bolt, the nut or the clamp fastens on the metal plate.When installs the sensor, forbid strictlys the countershaft, the shell carrying on the vehicle, drilling and so on the processings, avoids the axis or the shell receives the outside the impulse and the pressure, the axis axial and the radial direction does not allow to receive the impulse and the pressure (static pressure should be smaller than 300N).Forbid strictlys on the loose sensor bolt, the rotation fastening the link position.
  2nd, the sensor leaves the axis joins with other part when to be supposed to pay attention to the axis core to have to maintain in a straight line (including active status), like the axis core has the deviation to exist, suggests transfers and so on use gimbal or corrugated pipe, in order to avoid the sensor leaves the axis bending strain, damages other components, thus influence use.
  3rd, should prevent the waterdrop, the vapor, the solvent and the caustic gas to the sensor attack, prevented the sweepings or other powder enter the sensor.
  4th, the sensor exterior wiring should weld in the leading-out terminal gains place, do not have to weld as far as possible in the leading-out terminal crown.When welding should use is not bigger than the 45W electricity ferrochrome, the welding time should be smaller than for 5 seconds.And has not cooled thoroughly when the welding should not draw the wire, in order to avoid the electronics brush silk or the entire leading-out terminal are pulled out, even falls off.When welding as far as possible little uses the solder, the burnt oil, the time to have to be short, avoids the solder vapor entering in the sensor through the leading-out terminal, after causes the steam cooling to deposit in the resistor surface, creates the equivalent noise resistance variations, even leads the way.

  Fifth, matters needing attention:
  After 1st, the sensor exwork, is disassembled by the user, the re-equipping (including tears away on trademark, carries on in axis and shell processing, loose bolt, rotation fasten link position and so on) the product, the plant is not responsible to maintain the service.
  2nd, the sensor when turns on the line, forbid strictlys meeting the wrong leading-out terminal, pays attention to the electronics brush leading-out terminal specially (2#), cannot turn on the input voltage.
  3rd, sensor when circular telegram pays attention cannot the avonmeter resistance files, the electric current files survey the sensor voltage.
  4th, the sensor in the installation process to throw not by any means, in order to avoid bumps the bad leading-out terminal.
  5th, sensor when external voltage should guarantee in the fixed power loss scope.(Here pays attention to fixed power loss is refers to sensor in ambient temperature for 70℃ the time permission power loss, when when surpasses 70℃ should derate use).
  6th, through the sensor electronics brush electric current recommendation is 2mA, does not surpass 10mA most greatly.
  7th, the sensor and the precision refer to the input level compliance precision, but is not the total resistance number deviation precision.


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