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 Potentiometer series
 Single-turn Wirewound Potentiometer
 Multi-turn Wirewound Potentiometer
 precision Displacement Potentiometer
 Carbon Film Potentiometer
 Glass Glaze Potentiometer
 Organic Solid Potentiometer
 Power Wirewound Potentiometer

 Resistor series
 Slip-line Varistors
 Disk Wirewound Resistors
 Brake Resistor/box
 Aluminum Shell Resistor
 Power Resistor/box

 Knob series
 Dial Indicator Knob
 Potentiometer Knob

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Nantong Jiangcheng Electronic Components Factory

(Zhifa Potentiometer)



  About us

     Jiangsu Nantong Jiangcheng Electronic Components Factory (Zhifa Potentiometer) specialized in producing, developing and designing potentiometer of “Zhifa” Brand, and has accumulated more than 30 years of experience in production and operation. Successively, it has designed potentiometers of dozens of models for large companies and groups in Nanjing, Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. As a professional manufacturer in this area, we have specialized technical talents, new producing equipment and qualified staff. Our products are known for the stable performance and reliable quality, and the main types are precision winding potentiometer, carbon composition film potentiometer, pre-adjusting glass glaze potentiometer, precision conductive plastic potentiometer, auxiliary knob of potentiometer, power-type resistor (box), slider type rheostat, porcelain disc resistor, stabilizer resistor, aluminum-shell resistor and corrugation resistor, etc. The products are widely used in electronic instrument, electronic equipment of military industry, automatic control system, scientific research unit and household electricity. In addition, our factory also accepts customers’ materials for processing, and the printing of thick-film wire resistor.

    Our factory is located at the foot of the beautiful Langshan Mountain in Nantong City of Jiangxi Province. The Yellow Sea in east, Yangtze River in south, Shanghai and Suzhou in the adjacent, we enjoy a convenient geographical location.

    Following the principle of “first class products and services”, we sincerely welcome your visit and cooperation.


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