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Our company year to year provides series primary device product and so on potentiometer, power resistor, knob productions, the sale, the advisory service, the welcome general friends comes the electricity incoming letter consultation service, promotes the friendship.

Our company year to year provides following product:

Fine level of secrecy multi-circle wire potentiometer series
WXD2-53(WX1.5-1)th, WXD3-12, WXD3-13(WX1.5-11), WXD3-43, WXD3-13B, 3540S potentiometer, WXD4-23, WXD5-32(WX5-11), WXD7-33(WX5-11), WXW1-1A, 22HP potentiometer, 3590S potentiometer, 7276 precision resistors, 20HP potentiometer, 534 potentiometers

Single circle wire potentiometer series
WX110(WX010)th, WX111(WX030), WX112(WX050), WX24 potentiometer, PW24 potentiometer, WX20-1 potentiometer, WX20-2 potentiometer, WX13-11(WX1), WX13-12(WX1), WX13-12B, PWX24 potentiometer, WX14-11(WX3), WX14-12(WX3), WX100 potentiometer, WX60 potentiometer, WX11-1 straight -like, WX11-2 horizontal -like, WX11-3 shaft type, WX14-32, RA25Y potentiometer, RA30YN potentiometer, WX30 potentiometer, WX230 potentiometer, WX250 potentiometer

Precise single circle potentiometer series
Precision wire potentiometer: WX76-1 potentiometer, WX701-21 precision resistor, WX701-22 precision resistor WX703-21 precision resistor, WX703-22 precision resistor, WXJ5 precision resistor, WX72 precision resistor, WX74 potentiometer, WX72-1 precision resistor, WX72-2 precision resistor, WX74-1, WX74-2, WX74-3 precision resistor, WXJ2, WXJ3, WXJ4 precision resistor
Precise carbon membrane potential: WHJ1, WHJ2 precision resistor, WHJ3, WH71, WH70 precision resistor
Precise conductive plastics potentiometer (position transmitter): WDL series straight line position transmitter, WDD35D series angle position transmitter, CPP35 series, CPP45 series angle position transmitter

Power wire variable resistor series
BC1 porcelain tray variable resistor, American porcelain tray rheostat, BX7D series slider type rheostat, BX8D series slider type rheostat, slide rheostat, BP300/400 stable rheostat, RXG20 power ripple resistor, RX20/RX20T enamel resistance, RXLG aluminum alloy resistor, RX24 aluminum shell resistance, ZB series board resistor, BX7/BX8 rheochord, RXG20 power resistance box

Synthesis carbon membrane potential series
WH5 potentiometer, WTH118 potentiometer, WTH118-1B, WH118-3, WH118-4, RV16YN potentiometer, RV24YN potentiometer, RV30YN potentiometer, WH148-1A, WH148-1B, WH360 potentiometer, WH147A potentiometer, WH147B potentiometer, WH151A potentiometer, WH151B potentiometer, WH135A potentiometer, WH135B potentiometer, WH188A potentiometer, WH188B potentiometer, WH7A potentiometer, WH7B potentiometer, WH2020, WH28 potentiometer, WH206-1, WH206-2, WH205 potentiometer, WH220A potentiometer, WH220B potentiometer, WH22A potentiometer, WH125-1 potentiometer, WH125-2 potentiometer

The pre-set tuning glass has the potentiometer series
3006 potentiometers, 3296 potentiometers, 3329 potentiometers, 3362 potentiometers, 3386 potentiometers, 3266 potentiometers, 3323 potentiometers, 3224 paste the piece potentiometer, 3269 potentiometers, the GV4 potentiometer, 3314 potentiometers, the 67W potentiometer, the 67X potentiometer, the 64W potentiometer, the 64X potentiometer


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