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Domestic resistance potentiometer profession prospects for development
Time:2007-4-27 20:49:22  Visits:3955

Resistance potentiometer profession prospects for development.

  The resistance electric potential profession development space is very big, does not have the limit, in particular high end product.Takes writes down said originally that, in the 60's, the computer is very big, in computer part one is very big.But present computer very small, since personal computing birth, the world market promotes this thing very quickly, inside this all has the resistance.The original resistance big elephant fist is same, a present resistance grain of rice so is likely big, nearby here dense and numerous all is.The scientific development does not have the limit, some product development space quite has been possibly small, but speaking of the resistor, its use is extremely broad.Our many professions all use the resistance, so long as has the analogous circuit and the digital circuit existence, has it to exist.On at present, the prospects for development extremely is also big, not only is the forecast, moreover the present can see the market very is big.


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